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Walnut Run Golf Club (Public)
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Ranking: 143
Popularity: 295
Course Profile
Walnut Run Golf Club
Walnut Run
601 E Main St
Cortland, OH 44410
Phone: 330-638-4653
Website: http://www.walnutrun.com
19th Hole
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Comments from 2018
Date Rated (X/5) C. G. Ch. S. L. O. Comments
Date Rated (X/5) C. G. Ch. S. L. O. Comments
2018-05-04 5.00555555Best greens I've played this spring and I've played the best of the best! In addition to the trees removed this place is turning awesome! Can't wait to come back in the summer!  
2018-05-22 4.75455555Making improvements. Nice fun course. Good to see the greens back in great shape!  
2018-05-28 5.00555555great character great layout!  
2018-07-14 4.75455555I little dry. Need some water, but this place is outstanding! 3rd time I've played here, I'll be back! My favorite course in the area.  
2018-08-01 4.90554555   
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