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Shady Acres Golf Course (Public)
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Course Profile
Shady Acres Golf Course
Shady Acres
100 Shady Acres Ln
McComb, OH 45858
Phone: 419-293-9656
Website: N/A
19th Hole
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Scores for Shady Acres Golf Course

Averge score in is 47.7, out is 48.7, with total average of 96.3.
# Course Tee Date Out In Total View
# Course Tee Date Out In Total View
1 Shady Acres White 2011-09-03 44 45 89 View
2 Shady Acres White 2009-05-01 52 52 104 View
3 Shady Acres White 2004-06-18 47 49 96 View

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