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Copeland Hills Golf Club (Public)
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Ranking: 285
Popularity: 332
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Copeland Hills Golf Club
41703 Metz Rd
Columbiana, OH 44408
Phone: 330-482-3221
Website: http://www.copelandhillsgolf.com/
19th Hole
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2013-11-12 3.05 
2013-08-30 4.40 
2013-08-05 4.55old time golf. Be back soon 
2013-08-05 2.30 
2013-07-03 4.30 
2012-12-02 2.00OMG.. What people are voting 4.0+ ratings on this course.. They must be employees.. This was the worst course I have played on in years.. I don t see this course having any long term future as they way it s run currently.. I sure as heck have no intention of every coming back or recommending it to others..  
2012-09-14 4.65Had a grea time there. Might be the best public greens we have played this year. Paid $18 for GF and cart - Senior rate (cant beat it) Will definitely return!!!! 
2012-08-13 4.55 
2012-07-20 2.90Long course - holes run adjacent to each other - some pretty holes on back nine - course was in ok shape - overall a decent course but nothing special 
2012-07-13 4.55played ther yesterday, course has really survived the heat. The greens were excellant, and the reat of the course is a little dry but still in pretty good shape!!! The greens might have been the best we have been on for months, and will definitely repeat very soon 
2012-07-12 2.30First impression is, it’s a long course. From the regular tees, it’s 6600 yards! There are quite a variety of holes to play. Greens are in good shape considering the summer we’ve had. Fairways are just so-so. The course layout is maddening! Unless you’ve played there before, you’ll get lost going from one hole to the next – even with the signs they’ve posted. We were the first group off and had no one to ask for directions. Groundskeepers were very rude, when several parked by #13 green to BS and would not move away so we could play through. 
2012-05-11 4.80Great course, love the length. Greens are the best we have played this year. Staff was excellant, clubhouse needs some work, but we loved it, and will definitely be back!!!! 
2012-04-27 4.55Best greens we have played on this year, Hard to believe it is the same course we played last year!!! This course has everything you want,and makes you use your whole set. Will definitely be back there again real soon!!!! 
2012-03-28 4.40What a difference from last year, cant believe I was playing the same course. Heard they hired a new super who has done wonders there. Give him another month and this course is a must play. 
2011-09-10 3.65Played Copeland yesterday and you can see that they are trying to improve. Greens were in better shape than a month ago, and they have dropped their prices for the reat of the year. Still the best layout around and will go back 
2011-09-06 1.00Copeland Hills sucks period.. The price you pay to golf here and the way the course is, it sucks... Not recommended at all... Better golf courses elsewhere...  
2011-08-14 1.60Course was very burned out. We played early and only a few greens were cut and they were very slow. A few of the greens were bare and probably will need to be replaced. Tee boxes had more crabgrass than grass. Fairways need water and fertilized. We like to walk and this course is a very easy walking course but none of their pull carts were useable. The clubhouse looks like someones hunting, dirty and needed lots of work. Unfortuatly the course has nice length and layout and with some attention it could be a nice course. With so many quality course in this region I will probably never return and would suggest for anyone reading this consider another course before being disapponted. In general Copelan Hills need lots of TLC.  
2011-08-14 1.45Was told by the head pro that the greens were in "great" shape before we played. They were absolutely HORRIBLE. These are the worst greens I have seen all year. WAAAAY overpriced also. I will not return 
2011-08-09 1.40I have golfed Copeland Hills many times, the last two times there were pathetic.. Greens are in horrible shape.. Fairways are garbage.. The course is in bad shape.. Looks like they have been testing missles there.. Very poorly maitenance.. I will never go back again.. Its not worth the money at all... Period.... 
2011-08-01 2.10Wow. This course has seen better days. CAnt tell where some fairays stop and the rought begins. Greens in poor shape. Bunkers worse. Nice layout. Could be a great course, unfortunetly there dosent seem to be any money to be reinvested. Will be surprised if the course is open in a year or two. Shame 
2011-07-28 2.60Had not played here in about 6 years and probably will not play again. The course was in the worse shape I had ever sesn. Trees down, greens with a lot of small holes from some insect or earth worms, tees being over grown by a wild grass, course had not been mowed and also being over grown by a wild grass. This use to be a nice course. The best thing about it is the price. 
2011-07-18 4.55Course had come a long way over the past few months. Definitely need all of your clubs to play here. Great test of golf. Will definitely return!!! 
2011-05-23 2.40Played May, 2011 a very wet month. The course was uable to keep the course under control because it never quit raining in May. The holes are confusing to find and could be better marked. The fairways and greens needed cut but the manager just could not get machines on the course. Many trees have been cut down but have yet to be cleaned up. I will go back to this course when it dries out. The fairways are lined by trees giving a lot of character and I suspect the greens will get better as it dries. Wait for the course to dry out before going but give it a try. I ll go back in August, 2011. 
2010-09-23 4.50What a great course, bunkers need work, but was told they were going to redo all of them late fall or early spring. This course is a must play. We will be back again, and again 
2010-09-05 4.50 
2010-08-16 3.50Nice layout. Bunkers in rough shape. Conditions improving over the last couple of years. Could be a good course with a little more attention to detail and up keep 
2010-07-24 4.65Wow, what a difference a year makes!! Played there last year and was not so good, but played today and its the difference between night and day. Absolutely fantastic, will definitely be back again. 
2010-06-24 4.80Great experience end to end. Friendly help, then a MONSTER of a golf course with country club greens. What a great day!!! Beware of the trees, a bad choice can cost you several strokes if you aren t careful. 
2010-05-27 4.55Wow, havent played here for a while. Course is in great shape!! You can tell that the new owner is trying to restore this gem!!! Was also nice to be treated great there, wes never use to that with the previous owners. 
2010-04-29 4.40Played there recently, and what a difference!! The course is taking great shape, and the greens are smooth and fast as usual. Will definitely come back again. 
2008-08-01 3.50 
2008-07-19 4.15With the exception of the lack of cart paths and signage the course is worth playing. 
2008-06-23 4.75Very nice course 
2007-11-11 4.80Best Greens in this part of the State. Overall condition Great. 
2007-07-15 3.80The layout of the course was jacked up. We almost had to use mapquest to find our way around. The owners were very nice however. It is a long course too. 
2006-09-20 4.55it is a very nice course and challanging course. played 09-19-06 
2005-09-11 2.45 
2005-09-10 5.00 
2005-08-16 4.40Over 7000 yards. 
2005-05-31 5.00 
2004-07-19 3.35 
2004-06-11 3.70 
2003-06-02 1.85 
2002-07-02 2.65 
2002-07-02 5.00Great 

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