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Champions of Columbus (Public)
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Ranking: 219
Popularity: 1
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Champions of Columbus
3900 Westerville Rd
Columbus, OH 43224
Phone: 614-645-7111
Website: http://www.columbuscitygolfcourses.com
19th Hole
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Comments from 2018
Date Rated (X/5) C. G. Ch. S. L. O. Comments
Date Rated (X/5) C. G. Ch. S. L. O. Comments
2018-05-12 2.35224223jm5nV6 https://www.genericpharmacydrug.com  
2018-06-01 3.50442244I play here 2-3 times a year because the course is in the golf discount play book that I always buy. Otherwise, the green's fees might be considered a bit steep for a city owned course. But, I greatly enjoy this layout. It has varied hole designs, and is an older course with mature trees. Fairways and greens were in good shape, and the bunkers had sand and looked like bunkers (a rarity these days for Columbus area courses). My only complaint about this place is that the course maintenance workers are rude and lack golf etiquette. There's no excuse for having to put up with mowing around the fairways and greens while you're trying to hit shots. On the par 5 on the back side (15) workers were digging a ditch 5-10 feet directly in front of the the green, and didn't stop on my third shot approach or while I was putting. Prior to hitting my wedge approach I even yelled "heads up" at them, and they really didn't care. Crappy behavior by course maintenance workers, and ruining the round by constant mowing is starting to be a big problem in the Columbus area. The pros and supervisors need to teach the employees to stop working and let play move through.  
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